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“It is confirmed that the competition returns the week of June 8”, assumes Abelardo Fernández, after the announcement this Saturday by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, about the return of LaLiga. Espanyol coach do not know under what exact conditions the template will arrive, but at the same time hints that physical tone should not be used as an excuse when it comes to fighting for permanence.

“Us there are practically three weeks left from here to the start of LaLiga, in which we will have our maximum commitment regarding our club, with defending this shirt that we all show so proudly. Be sure that when the day comes to compete this team will be ready to do it“Says Abelardo, on the club’s official channels, where he adds:”Let us hope to reach one hundred percent; it will not be easy Because it is a short preseason, we have been training at home for two months ”.

However, the parakeet trainer states that “the players are psyched up, training in a fantastic way, and the whole club from top to bottom is involveddoing an amazing job for all of us we can achieve that beautiful goal after these 11 days that will be none other than salvation“He rivets.