Coronavirus —

Spain Look with the best of envy at Melilla, which has become this Saturday the first region of Spain without declared active cases of coronavirus, as stated in a telematic press conference the Government delegate, Sabrina Moh, and the Minister of Public Health, Mohamed Mohand, both from the PSOE.

“There were four people with the disease who have recovered, therefore today there are zero people admitted to the Comarcal hospital, zero people in the ICU for weeks, but also zero people in their homes with Covid-19 declared,” he said. Mohand.

The head of Public Health has recalled that since the first case occurred, on March 12, 2020, “We have been above 130 active cases, and we have had to regret, unfortunately, two deaths”. In contrast, he stressed that this Saturday “Melilla has the best data in Spain regarding the mortality rate, in absolute values ​​the lowest number of cases in Spain and the lowest cumulative incidence in the entire national territory.”

Mohamed Mohand has invited two reflections: “The first, hope to return to normality and the second to be very aware that this has not ended”. “The virus continues to exist and, therefore, we must behave, today more if possible, with sufficient diligence,” he stressed.

The counselor, who also runs Economy and Social Policies in the tripartite Government (CPM, PSOE and Ciudadanos), has stated that “in Melilla the economic sector, the hospitality sector, the commercial sector is recovering.” “We are seeing our families again, having contact with our loved ones again and we must continue having these staggered transitions so that we can continue to move towards that new normality,” he argued.


For his part, the Territorial Director of the Institute of Health Management (Ingesa) It has highlighted that it is the first time since March 12 that there are no patients with active Covid in the city. «Today, after 70 days of intense work in the Sanitary Area of ​​Melilla, we have reached one of the goals that we have set for ourselves since the first two positive cases of Covid-19 in Melilla«, Has been congratulated.

For this reason, it has recognized the effort made by Ingesa staff “On many fronts”. “Despite the great effort that has been made, it has not been possible to prevent sadly two Melillenses from dying,” he lamented. For this reason, he has asked the citizens “to take extreme precautions now, and especially on the holidays that come this week.” “We risk a lot, the coronavirus kills, let’s not forget it,” he warned, while stressing that “We have reached a flying goal, not at the end of the route.”

For this reason, it has reiterated that it is necessary to keep distances and avoid crowds, and maintain constant hand hygiene. “The next evolution of the pandemic depends on all of us, we must not lower our guard, the virus is still here, among us, and the danger has not disappeared,” he concluded.