Coronavirus —

The general director of Epidemiology detailed that in the Health sector more than 176 thousand tests of the new coronavirus have been carried out.

The Ministry of Health reported that they are available 413 thousand 452 tests for the identification of the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) in the public system.

At the afternoon conference, the general director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, explained that in total 176 thousand 269 samples have been made, of which 100 thousand 269 tests have been carried out in the Public Health State Laboratories (LESP) and 70 thousand 213 in the Epidemiological Surveillance Support Laboratories (LAVE).

He did not detail on the more than 5,500 tests that were not performed by LESP’s or LAVE’s.

Alomía recalled that last week the federal government had 100,000 tests available, and this Friday they have 413,452 “and this is precisely because the 300 thousand tests that were bought 20 days ago arrivedTherefore, all this total of tests is available so that it can be used in the entire network of laboratories and LAVE’s. ”

He immediately showed a graph detailing the tests carried out that gave a positive result to the new coronavirus, and in the last three weeks it has remained in around 40 and 41 percent positivity in the samples carried out, which is equivalent to the fact that out of every 10 tests carried out, 4 turn out to be diagnosed with Covid-19.

In the week that passes a total of 39% positivity was found“We are going to see how it closes this week, that 39 can still move based on all those tests that are pending a result.”