Coronavirus —

Pablo Iglesias, second vice-president of the Government, gave this Wednesday for the first time condolences to the families of the more than 39,000 deceased by the coronavirus. He has done so through his Twitter account with a message posted on the occasion of the official 10-day mourning decreed by his Government. It is the first tweet to honor the victims of the pandemic after having published more than 170 tweets and having retweeted more than 110 times since last March 14, when the state of alarm was declared.

«Spain begins ten days of official mourning to honor, united, those who died from the covid-19 and support their families. My condolences to all the people who have lost a loved one, “said Pablo Iglesias on his Twitter account.

Before this message, the podemita leader only dedicated two tweets to victims of Covid-19 who were related to the ideology that he preaches so much in public and on social networks. On March 22 he died of coronavirus Abel Jesús Ruiz Cillero, who was an aviation captain in the Democratic Military Union. This organization was created clandestinely to try to overthrow the Franco Franco dictatorship. The Podemos leader did not hesitate to give “condolences to his family and his colleagues.” “Forever captain”Iglesias said in a tweet.

On March 29 he passed away Chato Galante, a political prisoner during the Franco dictatorship, after being infected by Covid-19. “My soul breaks. See you always, partner, ”said Pablo Iglesias in a message posted on his Twitter profile.

Last Thursday, May 7, he passed away Antonio González Pacheco, known as ‘Billy el Niño’, the former deputy commissioner of the National Police and accused of crimes against humanity for alleged torture during the last years of the Franco regime. He died at the age of 73 due to a multi-organ failure caused by the coronavirus. Pablo Iglesias regretted that this “torturer” died “without being tried, with his medals and privileges intact.” “It is a shame for democracy and also for us as a government,” he added in a tweet.

Last Saturday May 16 he passed away Julio Anguita, the historic leader of the IU and the PCE, after failing to overcome the heart crisis that forced him to be admitted to the emergency department just a week ago today in the Cordoba hospital. Iglesias honored Anguita through a tweet: «In addition to her intelligence, her vision and her achievements, there is something special about Anguita that perhaps has to do with her capricious heart. Julio had what makes some leaders special and with which none of us can compare: sensitivity and guts ».

Michael Robinson, the famous sports commentator, died at the age of 61 on April 28 after several months of fighting cancer that was diagnosed in late 2018. Pablo Iglesias wanted to dedicate a message on social networks to the also former footballer Liverpool and Osasuna, among others: «Very sad for the death of Michael Robinson. A sports information genius whose voice with an indelible British accent has accompanied several generations in Spain. Your second homeland will miss you very much. A big hug to your family and friends. D.E.P”.

Since then, Iglesias has only published a tweet to offer condolences to the thousands of deaths from coronavirus in our country so far. Yes, he has lavished himself on social networks to defend various measures enacted by his party, such as the vital minimum income.

The Government of Pedro Sánchez has decreed official mourning for 10 days for the more than 39,000 people who died from the coronavirus, a mourning that comes more than two months after the state of alarm. In the session of Control to the Government celebrated this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies, the PP has reproached the Government for this delay and the own Churches have charged against the “popular”. “Doesn’t your face feel ashamed to laugh on a day of mourning?”, the podemita leader has indicated.

Excited churches

The second vice-president of the Government has been excited on many occasions in public, such as when the investiture of Pedro Sánchez last January that made him vice president with the support of Podemos, PNV, Más País and the abstentions of EH Bildu and ERC.

On April 1, 2019, Pablo Iglesias traveled with his mother, Luisa Turrión, to the Paterna cemetery to attend the exhumation of a mass grave in which the remains of his great-uncle were found, according to the leader of Podemos himself. At one point during this visit, the now Vice President was visibly excited.

On May 30, 2018, Pablo Iglesias was excited during a plenary session in the Congress of Deputies when he began to read the stories of some people who were tortured by José Antonio González Pacheco, alias ‘Billy el Niño’ and recently died of coronavirus, during the Franco regime.

On January 13, 2016, Iglesias and the rest of the deputies of his parliamentary group posed in front of the Congress of Deputies. It was after the 20D general elections in 2015. Podemos achieved 69 seats. The leader of the purple formation was excited to be captured by the cameras that had moved to the place.

Pablo Iglesias crying in front of Congress in January 2016.