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At least 40 people were infected with coronavirus during a Baptist religious service held in Frankfurt (central Germany), the region’s health authorities reported this Saturday (23.05.2020).

Most of the cases are minor and according to the director of the Frankfurt Health Office, René Gottschalke, only one person had to be transferred to a hospital.

The religious service was held on May 10, following the hygiene rules imposed by the authorities, and apparently not only people living in Frankfurt were infected, but also others from the neighboring city of Hanau.

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This led to the banning of a Muslim festival in Hanau that was to take place tomorrow in a stadium in the month of Ramadan.

The Baptist community in Frankfurt has suspended all religious events and religious services will only be offered digitally again.

Pastor: all hygiene rules have been followed

Pastor Wladimir Pritzkau has ensured that all hygiene and disinfection rules have been followed and that parishioners have respected the recommended distance between them of 1.5 meters.

Thanks to a sharp slowdown in the epidemic, Germany eased the restrictions against the pandemic in early May. But fears of a second wave are still present in this country, relatively less affected than some of its European neighbors.

This Saturday, the authorities of the State of Lower Saxony, in the north, announced that seven people were infected in a restaurant in the city of Leer. In total, some fifty people had to be quarantined.

Germany registered 177,850 this Saturday (+638 in 24H) declared cases of the new coronavirus, and 8,216 deaths (+42), according to the Robert Koch Institute, responsible for statistics on the pandemic in the country.

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