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There are more and more confirmed cases of National Assembly personnel who are infected with the new Covid-19 coronavirus, including several deputies from the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), one of these being the head of the caucus Edwin Castro Rivera, assured one of the members of the board of directors to LA PRENSA.

Alejandro Mejía Ferreti, second secretary of the board and member of the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance Party (ALN), explained that it was the president of the Legislative Branch, Gustavo Porras who confirmed that Castro was with symptoms of Covid-19 being treated at the Military hospital, in Managua. Porras has been sanctioned by the United States (USA) and Canada for human rights violations for their participation in the massacre against citizen protests since April 2018.

“According to Dr. Porras, he said that Deputy Castro was improving. I did not know that I was hospitalized with the symptoms of the virus. So there are other sick deputies, “said Mejía Ferreti by telephone.

According to two other members of the FSLN, who asked not to be summoned, Castro was admitted to the hospital early Wednesday morning, May 20, because he presented an acute respiratory picture. He is a high-risk patient because he has previous heart problems, is overweight and elderly, 63 years old.

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There are other suspects of having the virus

The information on the health of the head of the FSLN bench was learned at the board meeting on Thursday, May 21. According to Ferreti and other parliamentary directors, there is also concern for the health of the Ortega deputies Juan Ramón Jiménez and Wálmaro Gutiérrez who would also present respiratory symptoms related to the coronavirus.

The head of the FSLN caucus, Edwin Castro (left) participated on May 16, in an act that recalled the murder by the somicista guard of his father Edwin Castro Rodríguez, Ausberto Narváez and Cornelio Silva. THE PRESS / TAKEN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY

Deputy Ferreti said that only four of the seven executives were at Thursday’s meeting, the third vice president María Haydée Osuna was absent because she would continue to have problems in her column, but neither did orteguista Wilfredo Navarro, second secretary. Navarro’s absence would be because he is avoiding exposing himself to infection, after his cousin Roberto Moreira died from a respiratory complaint suspected of being a coronavirus.

Ortega deputies have refused to approve an emergency declaration in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in Nicaragua. They have rejected all proposals from the private sector, civil associations and the PLC for an economic plan to give aid to the most vulnerable population and fiscal relief to companies in the face of the economic recession, which the health crisis has worsened the problems due to socio-political instability. that exists since 2018.

On March 24, the Ortega deputies Edwin Castro, José Figueroa and José Antonio Zepeda mocked the deputies who wore masks in the Assembly. Currently several FSLN deputies are ill with suspicious symptoms of Covid-19. THE PRESS / JADER FLORES

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Deputy Castro and others on his bench have even mocked liberal deputies and other benches who, since the first positive case of Covid-19 in Nicaragua was confirmed in March, began to wear masks during plenary sessions in the Legislative, as a preventive measure.

The FSLN bench is made up of seventy of the 91 deputies of the Legislative Branch. As a majority, they impose “normality” that the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo promote despite the health, political and economic crisis that is hitting Nicaraguans. Even with the coronavirus pandemic, the orteguistas have not stopped promoting parliamentary activities, they have even held sessions in Chinandega and Matagalpa without adopting preventive measures such as wearing masks, gloves or the distance of more than a meter among those attending those acts.

He was at an event in Parliament on Saturday

One of the last political events in which the deputy Edwin Castro participated in the National Assembly was on Saturday, May 16, when the recital was held in honor of his father, Edwin Castro Rodríguez, Ausberto Narváez and Cornelio Silva, on the occasion of the 60 anniversary of his murder by the Somoza dictatorship on May 18, 1960. After that day the head of the FSLN caucus would have begun to feel ill.

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The National Assembly is one of the most contagious institutions of the Covid-19 where deputies, administrative workers, maintenance and other areas, staff of the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC) bench have been infected.

Among those who have become ill with the virus is the substitute deputy of the PLC, Róger Reyes, who confirmed to LA PRENSA, that it was in the Assembly where it was infected. Reyes would be in poor health, undergoing quarantine with treatment at his home, after being diagnosed with the virus at the Military Hospital but not being hospitalized.

This week Camilo Meléndez, one of the parliamentary workers, died, who his relatives suspect was due to Covid-19 since he had all the symptoms, but in the Salud Integral hospital where they treated him, they did not perform a test to confirm if he was positive. The reported cause of death was “unusual severe pneumonia.”

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Call for sessions next week

Despite the risk of further contagion in the National Assembly, the Ortega deputies called plenary sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. All legislators were summoned. On the agenda is ratifying the appointment of three new proprietary members of the Customs and Administrative Tax Court (TATA), in addition to approving the regime the Agreement with Abkhazia on commercial and economic cooperation.