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Everything is prepared so that next Monday most of Andalusia enters phase 3 of the de-escalation. At this time the opening of the gyms is planned. These places frequented by many people have been the last to reopen their doors due to the fear of a possible regrowth. The reality is that they are the first to prepare for the reopening with all the necessary security measures, some businessmen have been waiting for a necessary consensus to guarantee a correct service.

Andalusia prepares for gyms to reopen next Monday

As estimated by the National Federation of Sports Facilities Entrepreneurs (Fneid), 90% of the gyms in Andalusia will reopen their doors next Monday. The wait will have been worth it, they will return with some necessary news for their clients and workers. The new normality begins to be noticed almost immediately.

During phase 2 of the de-escalation the gyms could already open, the capacity is 50% and with classes that do not exceed 20 people guaranteeing the safety distance. No prior appointment will be necessary, in addition se may make use of community pools or paddle tennis facilities complying with the requirements established in the BOE. The new regulations are those that mark the reopens and all the measures to avoid any risk.

The weight room, toilets and changing rooms will have a limited capacity and, also, according to the BOE: “Cleaning and disinfection should be reinforced of the aforementioned toilets, always guaranteeing their state of health and hygiene ”. Therefore, many gyms have had to reinforce the cleaning staff or add new roles to achieve the desired demands. Extreme measures that they hope will relax as the days go by and the danger of possible contagion begins to decrease.