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Juan Cortés walking through the streets of Ahuachapán, El Salvador, began to notice white flags hanging on the doors of some houses. Shirts or any white cloth is a sign of help for lack of food. The Spanish coach of 11 Deportivo decided to do something for these people and published on his social networks that he will distribute food for the neediest families in the area.

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For the initiative he asked that all the people willing to do something for the others join and the national team, Luis Fernando Copete, was one of those who raised their hands without hesitation. The publication was made on May 20 and two days later they began to gather food. “United we are stronger”, says from El Salvador the central led by the Spanish coach in 11 Deportivo. “Today we collected eight quintals, four corn, two sugar and two rice,” he says.

White flags began appearing on May 13 in some municipalities in El Salvador, which is quarantined by Covid-19 and the poorest families are suffering. “Today I think we are going to collect 20 more quintals and on Saturday we started packing. Next week we have the possibility that others will start donating to us and we plan to deliver them to the families of Ahuachapán on Thursday ».

Copete explained that they opened an account for people who are not from Ahuachapán and if they cannot send food or deposit the money in a specific account. The collection started this Thursday and continues on Friday and Saturday. “In a few days I think that due to the influence of the social media teacher, the team president and the mayor of Ahuachapán and there are many people who began to unite,” said the selected one.

The initial idea was to collect a few groceries at the Hotel where the Nicaraguan footballer and his coach are staying, but the message was more far-reaching. The club is planning a conference this weekend for more people to join the campaign for those in greatest need.

«We will start talking to some of his teammates and others up close who can help pack him up and see how to distribute him due to the current situation. We thought it was going to be a little, but a lot of people are joining us and we will have more help thanks to God ».