Coronavirus —

Remarkable flattening of epidemic curve. Free 60% of intensive care beds. 43% available on CDMX. Mexico low in mortality figures

Saturday message from AMLO

Regeneration, May 23, 2020. AMLO in a Saturday message responded to the campaign of “foolish people who due to differences”, for not agreeing with the transformation of the country or wanting to stop stealing, and therefore they discredit actions in health before pandemic.

AMLO sent an affectionate hug of solidarity to the sick and those affected by the pandemic.

Conservatives bet that we will go wrong

Opponents bet that we go badly, using the tragedy, “it is vulture season” reiterated, and cited the yellow press.

He referred attacks in the media, they seem to be what was previously the Alarma magazine, he said “With things that create fear, fear, anguish.”

With those red news the mood is affectedhe declared.

So, it is not as the yellow press says, and it stopped: “Mexico has known how to face the pandemic.”

AMLO President stressed that for no reason figures are hidden in Mexico.

International figures

The President of Mexico exposed the death toll from coronavirus, apologizing because «comparisons are odious, ”but considered it interesting to present the figures to the public.

“Comparisons are not recommended”, I do it because I want to act on the message that is being acted responsibly, with professionalism.

What has been achieved is through the conscious participation of our people.

Most have acted up to the challenge, without coercion, that’s why “my appreciation to the people of Mexico,” he said.

Other countries

The country with the most deaths, he regretted, It is Belgium, unfortunately, with almost 15 times more deaths than the Mexican Republic.

He repeatedly apologized to the inhabitants of the aforementioned countries, such as Spain with 11 times more deaths and England and France 10 times more deaths than in Mexico.

He said that in the US there are 5 times more deaths from covid and in Canada 3 times, Germany and Brazil almost twice as many as our country.

Where we have more cases

AMLO pointed out that this is a critical moment due to the number of coronavirus or COVID-19 infections in the Valley of Mexico.

“It has been acting well, the treatment that has been given to this pandemic has been very effective …”

«… the recommendations made by specialists, doctors, scientists have been very good: AMLO.

“There we go,” he said, we are at the highest point in the Valley of Mexico, but we are going to start descending, «these days are the most difficult, the most painful. Severything for the deaths ».

He also indicated permanent condolences

“(…) we permanently offer our condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives, our solidarity hug to the sick, wishing them to recover.”


The President reported that in Tabasco there was a relaxation of discipline and a new outbreak occurred:

“We also have the case of Tabasco, dear countrymen, my state that I always carry in my heart”he expressed heartily.

Here we left the projected because there was «a countryman relaxation », told them.

This is a situation that requires a lot of care -and added: “So there was a kind of regrowth and the number of confirmed cases rose.”

AMLO limited the strategy of healthy distance due to the coronavirus or COVID-19 in Culiacán, Sinaloa; Tijuana Baja California; and Cancun, Quintana Roo.

“In the case of Culiacán it is very clear how it is going out … it is necessary to keep a healthy distance until the end of this month …”

“Baja California very clearly there is a decline, this is Tijuana … and the other case that also gives me great pleasure is that of Quintana Roo that is going down,” he said.