Coronavirus —

The researcher pointed out that we will not return to normal, as long as there are no drugs against the new coronavirus.

Regeneration, June 30, 2020. The coordinator of the University Program of Health Research (PUIS) of UNAM, Samuel Ponce de León. He indicated that there is no adequate time to return to normal life.

He also noted that the path of the pandemic is “long and complicated”, as there will be future outbreaks that will be a risk for those who have not been infected with the coronavirus, since they have no defense.

The UNAM expert points out that the only option to return to normality is to find an effective vaccine and medicine against the virus.

He also added that it is a responsibility of everyone and not only of the State.

“This year and next there will be a succession of epidemics, like waves, that we must face,” said Ponce.