Coronavirus —

With the start of a long Remembrance Day weekend and the arrival of summer, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he is immediately removing restrictions on youth events, including sports and summer camps.

The governor gave a press conference from Jacksonville where he said his decision is based on the fact that minors are less likely to be infected and hospitalized by the coronavirus infection than adults.

They lift restrictions for children’s activities

DeSantis said “I think our children have been out
of organized activities for a long time and I think we need to get them back. “

The Governor said that youth activities can
be resumed but he recommends parents to talk to their doctors and
coaches your children to ensure they can participate in a way

Additionally, the state will not require children to cover their
expensive while playing youth sports, however cities can
choose to establish such restrictions locally.

Currently the state is in “Phase 1” in
entirely as part of the economic reopening plan, which means that
restaurants and retail stores can operate at 50% of their capacity,
Gyms and barbershops can reopen to generate income.