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On the way to Mexico, intensive care ventilators, surgical masks, equipment via Aeroméxico. – South America new epicenter of pandemic: WHO

12a connection Shanghai Mexico

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. Marcelo Ebrard of Foreign Relations of Mexico, announced that flight number 12 of the air bridge with Shanghai has already departed for the supply of supplies to face the pandemic of coronavirus.

At the same time, the World Health Organization indicated that South America is the new global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

Shanghai responds to emergency

«Flight 12 of the Shanghai-Mexico Air Bridge is already en route»– He announced on his Twitter account.

He said that intensive care ventilators, surgical masks and other equipment purchased by INSABI will arrive.

Tomorrow the 13th. All on time. Our gratitude to Aeroméxico, “he stressed.

At the same time as Marcelo Ebrard reported the flight to Mexico, the WHO announced that Latin America is the new epicenter of a pandemic.

South America new epicenter

«South America became a new epicenter of the disease. We see the number of cases increase in many South American countries. ”

“There is a lot of concern around these countries, but clearly the most affected at the moment is Brazil”: WHO

The foregoing was declared by the person in charge of emergency situations of the WHO, Michael Ryan, by teleconference from Geneva.

Covid this day in Mexico

Mexico adds 59 thousand 567 confirmed cases and 6,510 deaths from covid-19 coronavirus.

Health highlights that today the third part of the infections is concentrated in Mexico City.

The lethality of the disease is specified to be 10.9 percent, that is, at least one person for every 10 has died with coronavirus.

Another outstanding fact is that almost 9 thousand affected are workers in the health sector.

Wuhan bans trade and consumption of wild animals for five years

It was decreed that from now on Wuhan is “a wildlife sanctuary”, where hunting will only be allowed for scientific purposes.

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. The Wuhan, China government announced a ban on the sale and consumption of wild animals, as measures for the protection and safety of species and populations.

This city is considered the epicenter of coronavirus outbreaks in the world.

The Standing Committee of the Wuhan National People’s Congress also made hunting wild animals illegal, as well as raising species for food purposes.

In addition, they pledged to educate the population about the protection of wildlife and public health.

It was established that the new law will be valid for up to five years.

After the different Covid-19 outbreak, different nations pointed out that the new strain had been transmitted to humans through the consumption of animals in this city.


In the same vein, the document states Wuhan is “A wildlife sanctuary”.

So since hunting for scientific research purposes only and monitoring of epidemic diseases, with prior authorization from the government.

In addition, this measure is added to the national purchase plan for breeding places for exotic and wild animals.

The above, highlighted by animal rights advocates, as reported by CBS.

In addition to the capital of Hubei province, two more have detailed their purchase programs for these hatcheries, “To help ranchers change their means of food production and sales.”

Was presented a program to accompany the conversion of wild animal breeders to other activities, such as classical livestock, the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, tea or medicinal plants.