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The mayor of Acapulco, Adela Román Ocampo, tearfully asked citizens to abide by sanitary restrictions

The mayor of Acapulco, Adela Román Ocampohe asked between tears to citizenship than abide by sanitary restrictions and the home receipt to avoid further infections of coronavirus COVID-19.

The above occurred at an event held in the town San Pedro Las Playas, where a community work program was presented to support fishing cooperatives.

Speaking, the mayor said that the situation in Acapulco due to the pandemic places the municipality in the first place of infections at the state level.

“Last night I was thinking, what about my people? What about my town? Why are the markets bursting and they don’t understand that there are no hospitals? ”Said the official.

Likewise, he stressed that yesterday he was informed of the deaths of relatives of his team as a result of the disease, adding that his nephew was diagnosed positive for the virus.

“We are experiencing one of the most serious pandemics in the entire history of humanity and what we need is to be aware,” he emphasized.

Acapulco is home to 619 infections and 50 deaths from COVID-19 as of Saturday, out of 1,083 confirmed cases and 161 deaths in Guerrero.

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