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The Andalusian left He is raging at the resounding success of the protests in Andalusia, where more than 20,000 vehicles have taken to the streets of southern Spain to demand the resignation of Pedro Sánchez. The PSOE has described the great social movement as ‘Confrontational patriotism’ and the communists speak directly of “Rich four”.

Vox is a machine to spread hate. Demonstrations like those of today are the usual tactic to stress, twitch and attack the confrontational “Patriotism” government. It is not surprising seeing the ideology of the party … », indicates the Andalusian PSOE.

For its part, Communist Youth in Andalusia recalls that “on December 4, 1977 the working class in Andalusia filled all the streets fighting against centuries of backwardness and for their rights”, while “Now in the midst of a global pandemic, 4 rich people are demonstrating so as not to lose their privileges.” Unfortunate comparison and unfortunate lie. They were not four, nor were they rich.

However, the reality is that up to 20,000 vehicles have traveled the streets of Andalusia this Saturday, with Seville, with more than 6,000 vehicles, the visible face of the protests in the Community.