Coronavirus —

Pemex reported that a thousand 309 cases of COVID-19 have been detected in its beneficiary population, of which 113 are in hospitalization

Mexican oil (Pemex) reported that this Tuesday they number 287 deaths related to the COVID-19, of which 104 occurred in retirees, 88 in relatives, 92 workers and three external.

In a statement, the State productive company He explained that the average age of the dead was 64 years; of the total 184 were men and 103 women.

He indicated that the most frequent comorbidities were systemic arterial hypertension, Mellitus diabetes, obesity and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Of the rightful population, approximately 750 thousand people (among workers, retirees and relatives), as of Tuesday there have been 7 thousand 809 suspected cases; 3,124 diagnostic tests have been performed, with which 1,309 cases were discarded and 1,815 confirmed.

Pemex detailed that of the confirmed cases, 961 have already been discharged; 424 continue in home isolationwhile 113 are in hospitalization in a isolated canopy.

Meanwhile, 30 are in Intensive therapy. So far, 31 patients who entered intensive care have returned to their homes, he said.

The state production company commented that the comprehensive prevention strategy It has managed to contain the spread of contagion among workers.

He exemplified that with the campaign “Pemex Closer to You“We bring health services to retirees and family members to advise and follow up on our patients without them having to leave home.”

Health professionals maintain remote contact with beneficiaries to attend to and provide medical follow-up to patients, Pemex said.

As of June 2, five thousand 570 beneficiaries have been attended by videoconference, among them 2,270 with respiratory symptoms were identified; 363 consultancies for prescription filling, 893 mental health care and two thousand 44 diverse diseases, he pointed out.

With information from Notimex