Coronavirus — In the image, a mask. Anshu A photo for Unsplash

In a store in the Solidaridad neighborhood in Hermosillo, a worker was beaten for asking a client to wear a face mask.

A worker of a trade in Hermosillo, Sonora, resulted in injuries and blows to the face for asking a client to attend precautionary measures indicated by the health authorities before the COVID-19.

The events occurred in a street store Sierra Obscura from the colony Solidarity, from where the report of a person injured in the head emerged, after arguing with another subject.

Elements of the Municipal Police of Public Security who raised the approved police report.

The officers interviewed the affected person, who is trade worker and claimed that he held a discussion with a person, because when he arrived, he made observations about the preventive measures because of the health situation, which caused the newcomer to be bothered hit him in the face“Dictates the report.

According to the version of the municipal authorities, the attacked fell to the ground due to the blow to the face, hitting one of the cash registers and ending with a laceration one centimeter.

Elements of the paramedical body of the Red Cross, who transferred the individual to receive medical attention.

With information from Notimex