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“Deaths in the US are approaching 100,000. Incalculable loss. They weren’t just names on a list. It was us. The New York Times 05/24/2020

New York Times, tribute to almost 100,000 deaths from coronavirus

Regeneration, May 23, 2020. The New York Times newspaper shocked social networks and the media by publishing a tribute to the almost one hundred thousand deceased in the United States, not just names on a list, but ourselves, in short.

The brief and forceful message surprised: –“Incalculable loss” -.

But above all the core of the message is that it is not just about names, but about ourselves.

And therefore, the shock.

Meanwhile Trump playing golf

-Where is the President?
-Oh right – Golfing.

That is to say: – “Where is the president? -Oh right – Golf” says Victoria Brown Worth, and illustrates it:

“The coronavirus pandemic has claimed an incalculable number of deaths. This series is designed to put names and faces on numbers, “says NYT.

Rafael Leonardo Black, 71 years old, Brooklyn, Self-taught artist who lived as a hermit.

John Driscoll, 70, from Peekskill, New York, art expert and gallery owner.

Lloyd Porter, 49, of Brooklyn, New York, Owner of a cafe that dispensed wisdom and love.

Joel M. Reed, 86, of Queens, New York. Cult horror movie director

Bernice Silver, 106, of Englewood, NJ Puppeteer

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, 91, of Woodbridge, Va. Former Butler of the White House

Kamal Ahmed, 69, of Queens, New York. Bangladesh hotel banquet worker and leader