Coronavirus — In addition to threatening to burn him, neighbors damaged a nurse’s car in Edomex. Screenshot

A nurse was the victim of threats from his neighbors, who accuse him of having COVID-19 when he does not care for patients with such disease

A nurse of the Mexico state was threatened for their neighbors, for supposedly carrying COVID-19.

We are going to burn you, ”a woman threatened the young man and his family on numerous occasions.

According to the news portal A Fondo Estado de México, the attacked nurse is called Yahir and lives in the municipality of Almoloya del Río.

To the health worker of Children’s Hospital in Toluca he was threatened by his own neighbors, who accused him of carrying COVID-19 when he claims that he does not care for sick people.

In social networks the young man explained that he has already filed a complaint about the events, because his neighbors also broke the windshield of his car.

With information from A Fondo Edomex