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In his Saturday message, López Obrador pointed out that despite the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, he stressed that “it has been acting well”

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador noted that “we are in a critical moment by the number of infections of COVID-19 at Mexico’s valley“; Despite this, the federal president said he was optimistic.

In his message this Saturday, the head of the Federal Executive pointed out that despite the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic, he stressed that “it has been acting well, the treatment that has been given to this pandemic has been very effective.”

He insisted that the media and the recommendations made by specialists in this regard have “been very good, in general terms very good decisions have been made.

“And these recommendations have been respected by the people; gold medal to the people; silver medal for the doctors and nurses who are saving lives, and those who are applying the measures, “he emphasized from the National Palace.

In the last stage of the Sana Distancia day for COVID-19, López Obrador asked the Mexicans to observe the recommendations of the health sector and thereby avoid an outbreak of the infection.

In recent days it has been observed that in various parts of Mexico City and the State of Mexico people have begun to go out more, they have even reactivated trade despite the fact that the traffic light in the Valley of Mexico will continue to be red until at least except June 15.

“We have to continue with our discipline, following the recommendations, we are already going to enter the stage of the traffic lights where activities can already begin.

“Where it is not yet convenient, we are also going to do an evaluation. About going back to school, we are going to present general guidelines based on medical and health recommendations, based on how things are behaving in the country,” he warned. the chief executive in a message from the National Palace.

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