Coronavirus —

The WHO indicates that about 70 percent of the Mexican population is more likely to contract COVID-19 compared to other countries in the world.

In Mexico, seven out of ten people suffer overweight and obesity.

This is attributed to the bad guys eating habits and the lack of exercise physical, which is a risk factor for the complication of COVID-19, according to Yesica Avellaneda, nutrition specialist of the Orbera Multidisciplinary System.

Avellaneda assured in an interview for Notimex that being overweight and obese generates a inflammatory process low-scale but chronic internal, causing negative effects on the components of the immune system and its functionality, so that the defenses do not act efficiently.

“A more depressed immune system increases the possibility that the patient will contract the virus, because their defenses are not fully supported, in addition, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), around 70 percent of the Mexican population is more likely to contract COVID-19 compared to other countries in the world, “said the specialist.

This is because this sector of the population does not have a normal weight (Healthy weight); consequently, the chances of coronavirus complications and their lethality increase.

The Lancet medical journal supports this theory with an article, which explains that having weakened defenses makes the development of severe viral pneumonia more likely; In addition to this, the immune changes that occur in obesity affect the secretion of antibodies.

“Obesity and overweight in turn generate other health disorders such as diabetes and hypertension, to mention some, that if not controlled or cared for, cause a greater probability of complications when contracting the virus, so the risk of dying once they have become infected increases“Indicated the specialist.

In other words, the mortality and case fatality rate is higher compared to other countries, first because of cardiovascular diseases that complicate the symptoms of COVID-19 and secondly because they have no control over the disease.

Therefore, Avellaneda stressed the importance of having better control over diseases that could complicate or increase the risk of becoming infected by the virus, it is also essential to prevent cases of infection, as well as to be obese or overweight.

“The best thing that a person can do in confinement is to have a controlled medication, an adequate diet plan, an exercise routine and follow all the recommendations that health agencies have issued to prevent the spread of the virus,” he said.

With information from Notimex