Coronavirus —

The Wuhan Town Hall has reported that more than a million coronavirus PCR tests have been performed to try to locate any new sources of infection. Wuhan is considered the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.

The campaign of 4 million tests started on May 14 and the last day, last Thursday, May 21, more than a million were made, according to this Saturday the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported.

Hubei Province, whose capital is Wuhan, has reported 4,512 deaths from coronavirus as of Friday, 3,869 of them in Wuhan City. Hubei has reported 68,135 confirmed cases in total, 50,340 of them in Wuhan, none of them during the day on Friday.

For his part, the Chinese Ministry of Health It has confirmed that no new case of coronavirus has been registered, either locally or imported, for the first time since the start of the pandemic and no deaths, so it has maintained its figures at 82,971 infections and 4,634 deaths.

The authorities have verified two new suspected cases of the virus, one of them in a foreign person in Shanghai and another of local transmission in the Chinese province of Jilin.

During Friday, three patients have been discharged after recovery, while the number of serious cases of the Covid-19 has been placed at nine. In addition, 79 people continue to receive treatment for the virus, while a total of 78,258 have been discharged.

As for the imported casesTo date, a total of 1,711 have been registered, of them, 1,670 have been discharged and 41 remain hospitalized, two of them in serious condition.

The Chinese Ministry has reported that a total of 5,085 people remain under medical observation after having close contact with an infected patient, while 252 have finished the process.

Also, have you verifiedor 28 new asymptomatic cases in mainland China, while 23 patients without symptoms have already completed their medical observation. Health authorities have detailed that 370 asymptomatic cases, including 26 foreigners, are still under medical observation.