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Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus.

Catherine Ivill / .

Although he has never had the degree of influence of David Beckham, who managed to create a trend with each hairstyle he wore on the field of play, Cristiano Ronaldo It also has a loyal fan base that takes inspiration from each of its makeovers.

It seems that the footballer has grown tired of the ‘man bun’ that he had worn in recent times or has decided that it has gone out of style, because now he has opted for a new look that probably will not take long to be imitated by many.

The inspiration behind this change has been his teammate Juan Cuadrado. The Portuguese has published a photo on Instagram in which he poses smiling with the Colombian for the camera in the dressing room and showing off his curls.

“What do you think of my look just like my brother Panita’s?” He asked his followers.

For the moment, the aforementioned has given his approval through his profile, where he has also incorporated that same image to speculate with the possibility that Cristiano will be encouraged to wear his natural hair from this moment on .

“For me, they look good on the curls,” said Cuadrado.