Dayanara Torres sends a message to cancer: “get rid of my life”

Many celebrities have spoken out against the way George Floyd lost his life, more than a week ago, at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, which has triggered strong and violent protests throughout the country, and Dayanara Torres made a heartfelt confession.

The former Miss Universe 1993, who is the mother of two children: Cristian, 19, and Ryan, 16, a product of her marriage to Marc Anthony, spoke out against racism and police brutality and said it hurts that her offspring have than to live this world as it is full of hatred and abuses.

“It is definitely NOT the World I dreamed of my children living in,” said the former beauty queen on her Instagram, where she shared a message supporting the claims of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dayanara called on her followers not to sow negative or racist feelings among her children.

“I am totally sure of something… it is that no one is born hating anyone… “Added the Puerto Rican.

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Here sitting in his car in 2018 listening to music and laughing … we have the best Mother and Son relationship I know. Perhaps it is that we are so similar in our way of being, calm, we like the same things, we love the same movies, the same sense of humor, we draw to disconnect…. Seeing him move to NY for his new life in College inflated my heart with pride, although a straw entered my eye … 🥺. I know that these times have been difficult for everyone (some much more than others and we are infinitely grateful). Whatever the teaching of this chapter may be in the lives of everyone around the World, perhaps we will never understand it…. But I am SO GRATEFUL to have him in this indefinite time with me, with his little brother who missed him so much and that his life changed overnight because he no longer had his best friend, his partner, who has been his company since opened his eyes to life! He no longer had his older brother with him. . LET’S BE GRATEFUL 🙌🏻 We are healthy, learning from this new normal, dedicating time for us, to breathe, to meditate, to learn to do new things, to organize the revolution that we all have in some corner and we want to forget, connect with the family more than never (I talk to my mom who is with Jinny in Miami EVERY day while we both cook) and I am more than ever thankful for the technology for making us feel more united! With my zoom weekly meeting with my friends🍷. And I do not know if I will be selfish in these moments but I am grateful that all this brought Cristian back to my side, to laugh, cook, scrub, sow, squeeze with hugs so strong that I do not want to let go…. even if it is only for a little while until everything returns to normal… No one knows until when … But until then … I take advantage! 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️. I am grateful and happier than ever for having my two children here with me, as before … WE ARE A FEARLESS TEAM. .SP.S. Now I leave you two straws fell in my eyes … Have a wonderful Saturday! #MomOfBoys #MyBoys #Boys #LosNenes #MiNenesMiTodo #MiFamilia #Family #Pamilya

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George Floyd’s last few minutes were witnessed by millions of people through the highly disturbing viral video showing Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin with his knee on Floyd’s neck. Police experts in the use of force have denounced the restriction technique used by the officer as illegal.

Recently, when the COVID-19 crisis began, the beautiful Puerto Rican showed once again that she is a woman of faith, and asked to cling to God.

“Embrace those who are at your side, wrap them with love! Call your loved ones and let them know how much you miss them and love them! Be sure that everything will happen … For God everything is possible and I can attest to that, “said the exreina, mentioning her battle against cancer.

Later Dayanara shared a beautiful song performed by her family member Wilkins, entitled How not to believe in God … ?, which touched her followers.

“How can you not believe in God …? if he has given me children and life. When I was little they told me: “Yari, sing!” And I answered: Inkings or Chi see me? … If they see me, if they see me, I’m on my way to Bethlehem … king Inking … it was Wilkins … How can I not believe in God …? What a beautiful gift from our #Wilkins… I couldn’t hold back the tears, but it was just comforting… How can I not Believe in GOD? ”Added the former Miss Universe.