Extend payment date Y extend the term of insurance are some of the support actions that Compartamos Banco will offer to the contingency by the Covid-19. Read Banks will extend terms for loan and interest payments by Covid-19

Signature also provides discounts on interest rates it offers, eliminate late payment commissions on some loans and offer clients to pay only part of the corresponding payment without causing additional interest or commissions to the ordinary ones.

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The bank recalled that these measures are aligned with the policies and provisions authorized by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) in support of the financial sector and its users.

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“At Compartamos Banco we have been accompanying our clients for 30 years, overcoming recurring contingencies caused by natural phenomena, accidents, pandemics and other economic crises.

“We have the experience and our clients know that Compartamos is accompanying them. We hope that these measures allow them to be relieved in these difficult times and that they can resume their economic activities as soon as possible,” said Patricio Diez de Bonilla, CEO of the firm, it’s a statement. The institution, he added, will guarantee the service for its 2.6 million clients.



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