After the first year of work, many employees report feeling less engaged and happy in their jobs, according to a new survey by staffing company, Robert Half, and Happiness Works.
Reasons for lack of engagement vary.
“Perhaps the employee is finding the work is not as interesting,” said Robert Half Regional Manager Brenda Arnold. “Could be the job they thought it would be is not what it turned out to be. And it could be they could not connect with the culture.”
Robert Half advises companies to be aware of the slide in engagement at the one-year mark and to take steps to remedy it because happy, engaged workers are more productive and stay at companies longer.
“Making sure that employees have a sense of empowerment, that they feel that they have a say-so in the decision-making of the company so that they feel more invested in the job,” Arnold said.
She added that ensuring employee happiness starts in the job interview — not only making sure the candidate’s technical skills are a match but that their personality is a good fit for the company’s culture.
Arnold also recommended ensuring the employee’s work for the employee is interesting and meaningful; that they feel that there is a sense of fairness in the workplace and that positive work relationships are encouraged.
Employee happiness is also the responsibility of the employee, Arnold said.
“The employee has to look within themselves, ‘Why am I unhappy?’ said Arnold.
She suggested workers talk to supervisors about finding more meaningful work or other opportunities within the company if they feel dissatisfied.
Another way more Valley companies are engaging with workers is by sponsoring activities that connect to employees’ value systems, such as sponsoring fundraisers for charities that workers can participate in.
“If an employee has an interest in that, it gives them more pride within the company” Arnold said.
The survey found that happiness levels tended to go up again after three years and workers with the longest time on the job often reported being happiest.


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