Our nation’s riot summers are caused by our nation’s lagging winters, ”said Martin Luther King, April 14, 1967 to Stanford University. Fifty years later, his speech
The Other America remains painfully relevant, at a time when this other America, that of a black community still victim of injustices and racial discrimination, expresses its anger. Anger recently sparked by the death of a disarmed African American, under the weight of an indifferent white police officer, but fueled by so many other similar dramas, so much economic inequality and endemic racism.
“How do we put an end to the crimes of a nation? The United States was founded on freedom and its exact opposite: the genocide of the Indians and slavery. There are at the root of this country these two irreconcilable. There is violence too, in the genocide of the Indians, segregation, slavery, the conquest of the West. This leaves deep cultural traces. We will never be done … “, sighs Nicole Bacharan , specialist historian of the United States.