The National Liberation Army (ELN) announced today on its website the “active unilateral ceasefire” for the month of April, as a “humanitarian gesture” to the Colombian people in the face of the world crisis by COVID-19.

In the statement, they assure that during the ceasefire they will defend themselves in case they were attacked, since they emphasize that the government of President Iván Duque has reinforced the presence of the armed forces in the country.

For their part, they ask the Duque government to stop the attacks against them to ensure peace in the areas where the ELN is located and give free access to those in need during the crisis that involves fighting the new strain of coronavirus.

In the document, they also invited this month a government delegation to join the peace talks that are based in the capital of Cuba, so that the ceasefire is bilateral.

To this announcement they added a request for the release of political prisoners, that the COVID-19 test be granted free of charge, as well as patient care, grant a monthly subsidy to those who need it and a fund for the recovery of conditions economic of the State.

The United Nations Organization called on all open fronts to cease fire during the fight against the pandemic, which is why the ELN joined this call. So far Colombia has 702 cases of coronavirus and has reported 10 deaths from the disease caused by COVID-19.


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