Most of them are able to admit that they spend more time than they should on social media and that group, a few decide to make changes and minimize time, generally leisure, with different techniques such as setting schedules. However, From Facebook they have launched their own tool called “silent mode” to help control this situation.

According to the company, the “silent mode” will allow you to manage your notifications and time in the Facebook application in a better and more productive way. With just a few taps on the iPhone, Facebook is blocked to prevent any distraction.

Advantages of using silent mode on Facebook

Facebook Quiet Mode is a new feature exclusive to the Facebook app, designed to create fewer distractions by limiting most of the push notifications you generally receive, as well as by blocking access to the feed. In the case of the iPhone, the silent mode basically works like the “Do not disturb” function.

In case the user is tempted to verify Facebook during the activation of the silent mode, it will be reminded that it is activated and will end in the time that you configure it. It is not permanent, and if you feel the absolute need to check Facebook, you can manage the “silent mode” settings to disable it.

How to activate Facebook silent mode?

Silent mode has been launched in some countries, although The company believes that in a few days it will be available to all its users worldwide. If you can configure it, these are the steps to follow:

Go to the application of Facebook.
Touch the tab Menu.
Scroll down and tap Configuration and privacy.
Select your time on Facebook.
Here you can see how much time you spend on Facebook and some tools to manage your time. Select option “See tools” on the right.
If activated, you should see the option “Silent mode”. To activate Silent Mode immediately, tap on it.
Additionally, you can create a schedule and select the time and days that you want Facebook to activate silent mode automatically. To do this, activate the programmed silent mode and then touch the program below to customize it.

In recent months, Facebook has worked tirelessly on updates within its platform. If you have missed one, we leave you a list for you to know: