In its last renovation with McLaren, Fernando Alonso included a clause by which this would not be official until Mercedes and Ferrari confirm your pilots. Fernando Alonso Since then he dreams of being able to race in Mercedes and will wait for a move by the German team before evaluating the offer he has on the table. Renault.

Even if Mercedes adds six consecutive titles in the constructors’ world championship, and despite the fact that Bottas The world past finished second, the Finn knows that the team is already looking for a replacement. For this reason, Renault has been offered a move that could block Fernando Alonso’s return to Enstone.

The big favorite to take over from Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes is Vettel, whose relationship with Ferrari ends at the end of this course. Daimler, parent company of Mercedes, is pushing for a replacement to be a German. If Sebastian Vettel is chosen, the German team would achieve something never seen before, having two drivers who add ten world titles.

More obstacles to sign for Mercedes

In addition to Daimler, another obstacle to the arrival of Fernando Alonso to Mercedes is Lewis Hamilton, pilot with whom their confrontations were sounded in the season in which they coincided in McLaren. However, Hamilton’s renewal is in the air. Demands 50 million to do so, although everything seems to indicate that both parties reached an agreement to extend their contract until 2022, the date until which Carlos Sainz has signed with Ferrari.

Thus, the remote options of Fernando Alonso to land at Mercedes go through that the German team fails to reach an agreement with Vettel, which is why he wants to be free until then. That is why he recently announced that he would reveal his future in the summer.