Fintechs at Corona Virus time

Given the current global pandemic situation and the ravages it is generating on the stock markets, experts agree on the importance of seeking alternatives to traditional banking that can quickly adapt to the effects and impacts that COVID is having: 19 in the economy.

Fintechs, like Iban Wallet, constantly adapt to the needs of users by applying solutions in a short time, a situation hardly possible for traditional banking. In addition, they are based on simple processes with easily accessible applications and a direct relationship with their clients through both digital and traditional channels.

On the one hand, digital banking is not only contributing to the quality of life of people who are in quarantine, but also allows them access to their accounts at all times and prevents the spread of the virus thanks to the possibility of payment ” cashless ”.

Iban Wallet, fintech consolidated in Mexico and aware of the current situation, is giving its users a percentage of their cashback purchase in different establishments. In turn, with your card you can withdraw money from any ATM throughout Mexico at no cost.

In addition to benefits such as zero commissions or free card delivery to their clients, Fintechs are an alternative without or with less risk since they are not related to the market and its risks at a time of high volatility due to the crisis. .

As the situation changes, all industries will begin to work with new business models that will adapt to the conditions left by this new crisis and in this sense, the Fintechs are one step ahead thanks to their business model and resilience. At the moment, the bet for savings in a Fintech will be possibly the one that tomorrow will provide the highest profitability and liquidity to users.


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