The protest began at the site of George Floyd’s death and ended in front of a nearby police station, where riot police fired gas and rubber balls at protesters

Thousands of people they protested Wednesday night in Minneapolis (Minnesota, United States) by death African American George Floyd at the hands of police, occurred 24 hours before.

Fires, clashes and riots over the death of an African American at the hands of police in Minneapolis

The protest started in Floyd’s death place and ended up in front of a Police station nearby where the riot police launched gases and rubber balls protesters after some damage, according to the local newspaper The Star Tribune.

In some cases the protests have led to riots and looting of shops and there are areas of Minneapolis that woke up this Thursday in flames after groups of protesters staged clashes with the police throughout the night.

Protests have also been reported in Los Angeles, California and Memphis, Tennessee.

The protesters marched with the cry of “¡i can’t breathe! ”, The same one that Floyd spoke while one of the agents had him immobilized for minutes with the knee over his neck.

Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar, which represents the city of Minneapolis, He said that “what is happening tonight in the city is shameful,” urging the police to “act in moderation” and give “space to heal” to the community.

“Shooting rubber balls and tear gas at unarmed protesters when children are present shouldn’t be tolerated. Never ”, he affirmed.

For his part, the councilor of Minneapolis, Jeremiah Ellison He described the police action as “disgusting”.

“Until now, I have not been able to prevent the Police shooting indiscriminately against the crowd,” said Ellison, who explained that he was helping the protesters: “A few moments ago, I held a towel to the head of a teenager while blood was running “

The Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, announced the dismissal of four police officers involved in the events that led to Floyd’s death, including the uniformed man who appears in the videos with his knee on his neck.

“Being African American in the United States should not be a death sentence,” said Frey.

Several passers-by witnessed the events that occurred on Monday with Floyd, which made it possible for videos to spread quickly on social networks. The police had detained him on suspicion of having tried use a fake $ 20 bill in a supermarket.

Please, please, please, I can’t breathe. Please, ”Floyd, 40, is heard as the man is dying.

Bridgett Floyd, the victim’s sister, said that the expulsion of four officers for the murder of her brother is not enough.

My brother was killed. They killed him. They have to put more pressure on these guys. Expelling them is not enough, “the woman told ABC’s” Good Morning America. “

As he FBI how Minnesota state authorities have launched an investigation into the events.

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