FLORIDA – The Sarasota Police Department announced that an officer involved in a poorly conducted arrest was placed on administrative leave after he was seen on video kneeling on the neck of a suspect he had arrested in May.

Police said a user posted a video on social media showing him up close when the officer was kneeling on the man’s head and neck, identified as Patrick Qwashawn Carroll, 27. In that publication, which was not shared by the authorities, the Sarasota Police Department was labeled.

Authorities said that although the victim did not request medical assistance or an official complaint has been filed, they have decided to investigate the arrest.

In the aerial video shared by the police department you can see when the officers arrest Carroll, after a long talk one of the officers approaches his patrol and then the man. In the process, the suspect gives his backpack to the officer to be verified and at that moment the officer approaches him to put him under arrest.

A minute later, Carroll was brought against the patrol because he was apparently resisting arrest and that was when at least two of three officers stood on top of him to immobilize him while the air unit called for reinforcements. At one point everything stabilized, ending with Carroll on the patrol.

The African American man pleaded at least 16 times that he could not breathe. Look at the count of what happened in the video. To see more of Telemundo, visit now.telemundo.com

Carroll did not require medical attention or complain of any injury
by the officer, according to the police.

The young suspect was arrested on charges related to a
alleged assault or domestic violence, possible carrying of a weapon by a
Florida convicted felon and resisting the police without violence.

So far the police have said that they have received no additional complaint regarding the video, but are asking anyone with information to help with the investigation to send the video or call the Internal Affairs Division of the Sarasota Police Department. at 941-263-6027, Chief DiPino at 941-263-6012.