Argentina will suspend for six months rentals and evictions to mitigate the impact on the economy, during the national emergency caused by the coronavirus.

“The Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU), the freezing of rental prices and suspension of evictions for non-payment for six months, comes into force within the framework of the measures adopted to mitigate the economic impact of the crisis by the coronavirus, ”reported the federal government.

The rule, which will be published in the official gazette, suspends evictions for non-payment and extends the validity of the contracts until September 30.

Likewise, the rental prices are frozen at the value of March and the debt for the price difference between what should be paid and what is actually paid for the freeze, will be paid in three monthly installments without interest, to be paid from October, Argentine authorities detailed.

The government also explained that as an extraordinary benefit, those who cannot pay the accumulated rent payments, may be exempt in certain cases.

“The rule also provides that the landlord who proves that he depends on the amount he allocates for rent to cover his basic needs or those of his cohabiting primary family, will be exempt from the payment,” the government said in the letter.

The rents reached by the DNU are those of properties destined to single urban or rural housing; rooms for family or personal housing in pensions, hotels or other similar accommodation; and buildings destined for cultural or community activities.


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