Alejandra Guzman

Despite the fact that Alejandra Guzmán continues to ask God and life that her daughter Frida Sofía listen to her call to make peace and cleanse her heart of so much rancor, everything seems to indicate that the young woman does not have the slightest intention of walking through that route, and on the contrary, continues to put walls with respect to his mother.

The daughter of the Queen of Hearts, who has strongly attacked the singer in recent months, with all kinds of offenses, claims and qualifications, this time she faced her mother again, on behalf of a precious object that ensures that the artist has and demands that it be delivered.

Frida Sofía is requesting her mother to return a piano that her father’s mother, Estela Moctezuma, gave her as a child.

The complaint was made by People in Spanish, a medium that stated that in addition to being a gift from her grandmother, for Frida the piano has an even greater value, since the instrument was owned by the legendary Mexican musician Agustín Lara.

According to the website of the celebrity magazine, the only daughter of the interpreter of “Making love with another” claims that the piano remains at the Guzman’s house in Mexico. Even in a recent interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, the GUzmán said: “They gave it to Frida and I keep it here.”

“I don’t know how he did it,” was the claim that Frida Sofíá made in a communication with her fans on the Internet, where she referred to the beloved detail. “It is basically a museum piece but it is in Mexico and I want it back. It is a very old baroque piano, polished by hand, a work of art. ”

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So far, the daughter of Silvia Pinal, who is undergoing the COVID-19 quarantine with her brother, her nephew and sister-in-law at her home in Huatulco, Mexico, has not referred to the new accusation of her first-born.

She recently spoke about the fight with Frida Sofía and said: “I have an absence in her life thanks to my work, because I have to be there giving her, because nobody has given me anything and thanks to my work she has a place to live, she has luxuries, it has where to eat ”.

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La Guzmán answered for her absence in her daughter’s life and said: “I have made mistakes, but that does not mean that I am their trash can, that people do not know that I have had mistakes and I have had them, but I have had to recover, check me … she does not allow me to approach, she has me locked on her cell phone. I tried to speak on his birthday, but all I got was name calling. “

Frida Sofia, for her part, insisted in a video on her networks that her mother was never a responsible woman with her.

“I grew up seeing her on drugs and I have many ugly memories, like when she smoked weed and blew all the smoke on my face, so I was all pacheca (drugged), and at the most I was about 5 years old. I even know that my mom pregnant with me smoked marijuana and inhaled cocaine. But the strongest thing is that your own mother invites you to take drugs with her, that already exceeds anything, “said the young woman.