The gasoline and diesel prices in Mexico for this Sunday, March 29, they average at the national level $ 15.53 pesos per liter of regular gasoline; $ 17.00 for the Premium and $ 19.38 for the diesel. In all cases, the fuels show a price reduction.

Given the drop in petro-prices, the spot price of gasoline at terminals in the Gulf of Mexico has decreased in recent weeks, to the point that it is now less than the IEPS share.

Fuel prices have decreased considerably in recent days. Photo: Reforma

Gasoline prices in different areas of Mexico:

Average prices in Mexico City:

$ 16.13 regular gasoline
 $ 17.29 premium gasoline
 $ 19.22 diesel

Average prices in Jalisco:

$ 16.81 regular gasoline
 $ 18.04 premium gasoline
 $ 19.57 diesel

Average prices in Nuevo León:

$ 16.36 regular gasoline
 $ 17.78 premium gasoline
 $ 19.68 diesel

Average prices in the State of Mexico:

$ 14.57 regular gasoline
 $ 16.07 premium gasoline
 $ 18.85 diesel

Average prices in Sinaloa:

$ 15.16 regular gasoline
 $ 18.32 premium gasoline
 $ 20.21 diesel

Average prices in Baja California:

$ 14.82 regular gasoline
 $ 16.68 premium gasoline
 $ 19.11 diesel

Average prices in Chihuahua

$ 15.56 regular gasoline
 $ 17.17 premium gasoline
 $ 19.25 diesel

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Average prices in Yucatan:

$ 15.74 regular gasoline
 $ 16.21 premium gasoline
 $ 19.45 diesel

Average prices in Sonora:

$ 16.80 regular gasoline
 $ 18.80 premium gasoline
 $ 20.86 diesel

Average prices in Puebla:

$ 15.06 regular gasoline
 $ 16.08 premium gasoline
 $ 18.66 diesel

Average prices in Querétaro:

$ 15.40 regular gasoline
 $ 17.00 premium gasoline
 $ 19.63 diesel

Oil prices in the world:

Global oil prices continue to be well below their value compared to the beginning of the year, this has had an impact on fuel prices, which have been gradually declining.

In Mexico, the difference in cost is due to the fact that prices are released. This means that the price may vary from the gas station from one corner to the other.

If you want to know specifically about the gas stations in your municipality, check this PAGE of the Energy regulatory commission.


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