Protesters in Washington DC stumbled upon a new perimeter protected by security forces that prevented them from approaching the White House

Hundreds of protesters returned to meet on Tuesday in the center of Washington DC in a peaceful protest for police violence against African-Americans, but a huge fence prevented them from approaching the White House while the authorities promised to further strengthen the security device.

“I can’t breathe!” Chanted a hundred people, which lay on the ground at the same time at the intersection between the streets H and 16 to repeat the phrase that the African American enunciated George Floyd last week, shortly before dying of suffocation from the pressure on his neck the knee of a white cop.

The protesters ran into a new perimeter protected by the security forces that prevented them from approaching the White House: a metal fence about two and a half meters high installed on Tuesday morning ran the northern end of the lafayette park, adjacent to the presidential residence.

Protesters gather outside the White House for the fifth consecutive day to protest the death of George Floyd in Washington DC. EFE / EPA / JIM LO SCALZO photo

It was in that park where, on Monday afternoon, the security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters and allow US President Donald Trump to cross the square on foot to pose before the cameras with a Bible in hand before the Episcopal Church of Saint John.

The episode generated great controversy, and both the local Police and the mayor of the capital, Muriel BowserThey distanced themselves on Tuesday from the event and assured that they were not involved in the White House plan to disperse the protests.

The newspaper The Washington Post revealed on Tuesday that he was the United States Attorney General, William Barr, who personally ordered that security forces in the area expel protesters from Lafayette Park before Trump crossed it.

Some of the protesters who met on Tuesday at the Lafayette Park fence claimed that it was precisely the events of Monday that motivated them to now go to the protests, which again began in a peaceful environment, without the fires or isolated looting that they usually take place at night.

The reason I came today is because of what happened yesterday. I’m here to get shot rubber bullets and tear gas “, he stated Brian Norwood, a 49-year-old white man, to the Washington Post.

The protest was initially protected mainly by local police officers, a contrast to the assets of the National Guard and the federal troops of different agencies of the Department of Justice, including the FBI and DEA, who were deployed in the center of the capital this Monday.

In a statement, Barr warned that Tuesday night “there will be even more security resources” to contain the protests, which also continued in other cities, such as New York, Los Angeles or Houston.

With information from EFE