HOUSTON – Former President of the United States George W. Bush criticized the way the crisis caused by the death of George Floyd, the Afro man killed in police custody in Minneapolis, is being handled.

Laura and I
we are distressed by the brutal suffocation of George Floyd and disturbed by
the injustice and fear that suffocate our country, “said Bush in a
public communication.

“We have resisted the urge to speak, because this is not the time to lecture. It is time for us to listen. It is time for the United States to examine our tragic failures, and as we do so, we will see some of our redemptive strengths, ”added Bush.

The exmandatario
He said, “It remains a failure for many African Americans to be bullied and
threatened in their own country ”and said that after what they are experiencing, the
asks how can we end systemic racism in our society?

Bush added that the
The solution is “to listen to the voices of so many who are suffering and suffering.
Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of
America, or how it becomes a better place. “

He criticized those
they endeavor to create messages of division: “The doctrine and habits of
racial superiority, which once nearly divided our country, still threatens
our Union “and added that” we can only see the reality of the need to
The United States when seeing it through the eyes of the threatened, oppressed and
deprived of their rights.

The ex-president
He said that “many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason. Blacks
see the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response
of American institutions. “

He also criticized the attitude assumed by many protesters: “Looting is not liberation and destruction is not progress,” said Bush, adding that “lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice.”

Bush said the best way to achieve a better society requires several elements: “empathy (something critics have criticized President Trump for), shared commitment, bold action and a peace rooted in justice.

In the end he released what
that seems like a veiled message in front of the November elections: “I am
sure that together the Americans will choose the best way. “