Gerard Piqué He attended the meeting with the Government with two clear objectives: get along with the Executive for future businesses and know how the public will return to the sports venues. The central culé was interested in these points in a meeting in which Irene Lozano, Fernando Simón and Salvador Illa were present.

While his fellow footballers Carvajal, Koke and Illarramendi asked for less technical questionsThe politicians present were somewhat surprised by Piqué’s interest in knowing more important issues. The representative culé, obviously, not only was he interested in being at the meeting to find out what was going to become of football, but also to work in the Davis Cup that is scheduled for November at the Caja Mágica in Madrid.

After a successful first edition in which Spain emerged as champion, The capital was preparing to receive a new appointment until the coronavirus pandemic had put everything in check. Nothing profitable for Piqué and the Kosmos group that the Caja Mágica venue cannot fill and hence their insistence on knowing how the public’s return to the stadiums would take place.

The Davis Cup was a public success last year, but its celebration this season is on the wing. Piqué does not get the numbers with the empty stadium –Something that would permanently suspend the event– and they can hardly match it with 30 or 50% of the capacity. “It doesn’t make sense without an audience,” he said.

As Javier Tebas explained, the goal is that by September football stadiums will host 30% of the capacity, rising to 50 from November. Piqué, as this claim indicates, could have government authorization to have half of the Caja Mágica full.

In that situation, the Kosmos group would have to measure the penny to compensate the appointment, being forced to renegotiate with the City Council Madrid an annual fee of 4.5 million euros. Both sides will want to improve their conditions, although Piqué may have everything to lose if they do not allow it to become crowded with the public.

The extinction of the pandemic and a possible outbreak will be those that give the appropriate response to the Catalan player. Meanwhile, he has taken the opportunity to improve his relations with those in charge – unlike Sergio Ramos, who did not want to launder the government – and ensure that his business away from football is going from strength to strength.