The bus terminals foreigners from the North and the East TAPO reduced outlets by up to 50 percent and the truck arrivals, before the measures imposed due to Covid-19. In addition, the companies determined that passengers ride in stepped seats to promote the federal healthy distance program. Read Urge to reinforce tests of Covid-19 at borders

Up to 1,200 buses departed daily at the North Terminal, with main destinations to Pachuca, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, León, Guadalajara, Irapuato, Celaya, Tulancingo and Puebla.

There are fewer trips by land. Photo: Reforma

Meanwhile, even before the pandemic, from the TAPO Bus Terminal around 800 trips a day, mainly to Texcoco, Puebla, Orizaba, Córdoba, Pachuca and San Martín Texmelucan.

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In both plants, the managers ordered to place separators in the waiting seats and to install sanitizing gel in the accesses to the facilities and prior to boarding.

To the passengers who arrived at the North Terminal Their body temperature was checked using portable devices and users were given sanitizing gel.

This measure was not observed at the TAPO terminal.

“We are applying all the protocols that the authorities have recommended to us, gel in all areas of the terminal, medical personnel hired by us who would take care of a person carrying the virus, taking the temperature of visitors and sanitizing everything the property, “said the general manager of the North Terminal, Julio César Gómez.

If it passes 37 degrees temperature, the passenger is channeled to the medical service immediately, “said one of the people who support the health filters in place.

All the passengers who arrived in Mexico City pass through the filter placed at the main exit of the truck arrivals.

Passengers who arrived at the North Terminal had their body temperatures checked by portable devices and users were provided with sanitizing gel. Photo: Reforma

“I come from Querétaro, the truck of the Primera Plus company came half empty, they told us that as part of the measures not to travel together all the passengers, in my case I came without a travel companion all the way, they also put antibacterial gel on us before boarding the unit, “said Armando Sánchez, a user of the North Terminal.

At the TAPO plant, the workers were instructed not to use the fingerprint readers for access to the facilities or to borrow work tools.

Sanitary measures

In the face of the Covid-19 contingency, the managers of the bus stations implemented security protocols to prevent the virus from spreading.

Reduction of passengers on trips
 Staggered seats in waiting rooms and on board buses
 Body temperature check at entrances and exits
 Sanitizing gel in various areas of the terminals
 Medical service to deal with suspicious cases


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