Héctor Sandarti lives very emotional moments The Guatemalan driver is dismissed with a caravan before returning to Mexico Friends wish him the best in his new stage

Very emotional and unforgettable moments were those experienced by the Guatemalan driver Héctor Sandarti, who was dismissed by his friends and loved ones with a caravan before returning to Mexico.

Through his stories on his official Instagram account, Héctor Sandarti shared some images in which his great affection for them is demonstrated.

It should be remembered that, just a few days ago, it was announced that the Guatemalan host Héctor Sandarti would be out of Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día, since the program would enter a new stage and Sandarti would not “fit in”.

After making a live broadcast through their social networks, where the Guatemalan driver gave his version of the events, he also took the opportunity to report that he would travel to Mexico, the country where he has his home and where his daughter lives.

Sandarti shared several images and said: “A day that I will always remember! I am leaving with much more than I could have imagined. Thanks for so much love @unnuevodia family. This is not a goodbye, but a see you soon. I love them!!!”.

And in another message the Guatemalan said: “Companions who become friends. Friends that become family. A team like this is not easily accomplished. Thank you all!!! I always carry them in my heart. Thank you for such a beautiful day. “

In the stories he shared on his official Instagram account, in the first publication, which is a short video, his former partner in Un Nuevo Día, La Chiquibaby, asks him how he feels, to which Sandarti tells him that “Excited and happy”, in addition to his surprise at this detail.

“@Hectorsandarti we love you”, read in this video that was taken in the town of Kendall, Florida, also known as “Little Colombia”.

In more publications, you can read messages addressed to Héctor Sandarti and his wife, Paulina Segura, with whom he has been married since 2015.

From Patty Sena: “I adore you! @hectorsandarti @paulinaseguran. I miss you already! ”, While Alix Aspe wrote:“ We are going to miss you so much !!! ”, accompanied by red heart emoticons, as well as a short video in which he says to the Guatemalan driver:“ You are the best in the world @hectorsandarti ”.

In another image, Héctor Sandarti was entertained with a farewell meal in which his now former companions from A New Day gathered: Adamari López, La Chiquibaby and Rashel Díaz, in addition to Frederik Oldenburg and Toni Costa, among others.

“It’s just a goodbye,” reads this post, in which it seems that the guests put aside the healthy distance in full coronavirus times.

And in a photograph that will remain for history, Héctor Sandarti appears together with his ex-companions from Un Nuevo Día: Adamari López, Rashel Díaz and La Chiquibaby. You can see the love and camaraderie between them. “We love you friend,” reads this post.