For a long time there has been speculation about a bad relationship between Georgina Rodríguez and Dolores Aveiro, partner and mother of Cristiano Ronaldo. According to numerous reports, the mother of the last daughter of the Portuguese player and his mother-in-law did not get along well despite living together for a long time, since the Portuguese is very familiar and his mother spends long periods with them. However, before the continuous rumors of a distancing between the two, Dolores Aveiro wanted to get out of trouble to clarify the situation.

The last thing had been that CR7’s mother had stopped following Georgina Rodríguez on Instagram. Obviously, a lot of people were wondering why, if they had had a run-in again for that to happen. In fact, it was even said that during the confinement in Madeira, both ended up at odds, but Dolores Aveiro has come out of all the speculations with a long and clear message on their social networks.

«My dear followers, if I have stopped following someone with whom I have a direct relationship, it has been for something strange, it was unintentional. As you know, my Instagram is used superficially, I don’t understand any of this. And if I stopped following my daughter-in-law and some people it was just carelessness. I accidentally touched a button, “began Cristiano’s mother, who was later tougher: Stop making up stories, I am not faced with anyone. Children and dumb people fight when they stop following. I’m old enough to know that, I just don’t know how to manage Instagram. And this text was written by my daughter. I know how to post photos and read your comments, and even that I do wrong. Be good, and be happy ».

Her daughter Elma, sister of the Juventus player, who has happily dispatched herself against the Portuguese press, has also supported her on Instagram: «I just came across this news, and I begin to think that, in addition to this pandemic is affecting lives, it is also affecting brains. I don’t want to be rude, but sometimes I feel like sending them all to hell. I only ask one thing: that they respect my family and especially my mother, and that things that don’t make sense are not invented “, express.