Teenager Murder: Jesús Saldaña-Ramírez, 20, was arrested for the murder of Alexandra Castillo, 15 at the time of his death, in Harlingen, a city in southeast Texas. Saldaña-Ramírez, according to authorities, threw Castillo’s body on a country road when she was already dead from various injuries. He does not know until now what was the motive for the crime. Castillo had a history of running away from her parents’ home, and just on April 18, 2020, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office reported her as a missing child.

Jesús Saldaña-Ramírez was arrested in Harlingen, Texas, for being the alleged murderer of a 15-year-old girl.

Saldaña-Ramírez, 20, was detained by the Harlingen Police Department (HPD) Division of Major Crimes for being allegedly responsible for the death of 15-year-old Alexandra Castillo, who he received severe injuries and then threw his body on the side of a road.

Harlingen is a small and generally peaceful city in Southeast Texas, with a large majority of Hispanic residents, and almost on the border with the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. The crime against Castillo has rocked his Hispanic community.

According to the case documents, consulted by Hispanic World In Texas, on Sunday morning, May 17, 2020, a group of people sighted what they believed to be the body of a person lying on Bob Youker Road, almost at the intersection with East Harrison Avenue, very close to the Regional Airport. Harlingen.

Witnesses called the HPD emergency number and notified authorities.

At 11:30 a.m., an HPD agent was dispatched to the area where the body was reported to confirm what witnesses said was true.

The officer who arrived to cover the emergency call called the HPD headquarters to request the presence of detectives from the Homicide Division since, indeed, the body of a woman was already dead.

HPD officers received crime scene assistance from the Texas Rangers of the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) to conduct the investigation.

In their report, detectives noted that the young woman’s body had “various injuries” to many parts of the body.

However, the agents did not determine what type of injuries or what caused the death.

Officials of the HPD, due precisely to the injuries, officially declared the death of the woman and of whom, until then, her identity was unknown because she did not carry any identification with her.

Days later, HPD Major Crimes Division agents were able to confirm that the body they found in the rural Bob Youker Road area was that of the 15-year-old Hispanic teenager Alexandra Castillo, originally from Harlingen and with a history of escaping. from your house.

Jesús Saldaña-Ramírez, 20, decided to turn himself in to the authorities in Texas when they were already looking for him on the murder charge. (Harlingen Police Department)