TEXAS – A woman in Houston faces charges after being accused of a racist attack on an Ecuadorian doctor and her husband, in which she allegedly threatened them with a hammer and then erupted in insults against them.

The suspect was identified as Constance Lynn Bono, 60, and was arrested on Sunday after she illegally and intentionally attacked Arturo Cordovez, according to court documents.

Cordovez was
visiting the city with his wife, Dr. Lia Franco, since they live
in New Orleans. Franco is finishing his residency as a doctor and it
includes care for patients with COVID-19 recently, according to data
from KPRC. To rest, they decided to travel to Houston for the long weekend.

Both said they saw Bono follow him in a car and decided to stop to the side, then the suspect also stopped and showed them a hammer through the rearview mirror. They then continued to a service station, from where they called 911.

Bono followed them there, according to his count, he got out of the car shouting insults, with the hammer in hand and allegedly called them “Mexicans” and told them to return to their country.

Once the
police to the site, the woman was arrested and charges of assault weigh on her
aggravated with a deadly weapon. If found guilty it could take up to 20 years
in jail.