Patrick Ewing announced to his followers that he is stable | Dylan Buell / .

NBA Hall of Fame member Patrick Ewing announced via his Twitter account that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

A press report from Georgetown University confirmed the news. He says that Ewing, the coach of the men’s basketball team, has chosen to publicly share his diagnosis to emphasize that the virus can affect anyone.

“I want to share that I have tested positive for COVID-19. This virus is serious and should not be taken lightly,” Ewing said in a statement.

Taking advantage of its reach, he wanted to send a message of reflection to the world. “I want to encourage everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves and their loved ones. Now more than ever, I want to thank the health workers and everyone on the front line. I will be fine.”

Ewing, who played primarily for the New York Knicks, is receiving hospital care and his case is being permanently monitored.