For Sherlyn, as surely all the loyal fans who follow her, the moment she longed to have her baby in her arms, however, the happy mother confessed last Sunday through social networks that the delivery had some complications, as it was released by People en Español.

“My beautiful loves, thanks for all the messages. Yesterday André arrived, it was a day of a bit of a lot of chaos, which is why I did not upload things, but bless God, we have a spectacular team, all his doctors are wonderful, everything went very well, I will tell you, there was a substitute for there, but everything is perfectly fine… ”, said the happy mom.

The actress very radiant and with a happiness that is felt in her words explained, with great pride on Sunday morning how her baby is.

“Now I am already the mother of a spectacular child, who behaves incredible, laughs a lot, did very well in his Apgar score, the first was taken at 9 and the second at ten. It is a medical qualification, because if it were up to me, obviously I would put 1 million … ”, assured the Mexican.

The new mother thanked her fans because they were always with her throughout the gestation process and especially at the time of giving birth and promised to introduce them to her beloved son.

“I thank you for being there for not letting us go for your prayers and I am going to see our baby in the nursery and in a little while when I am back in the room I will introduce him. I love you my loves, nice Sunday ”, said the artist.

Days before, Sherlyn had revealed through a video and a beautiful message on her Instagram account the name of her little one.
In the video, the actress poured out all her love and said: “So this handsome, little face of my soul, my heart, my love, and my body for 9 months, today finally has a name, his name is André, our baby “

And what to say about the precious message that the Mexican posted on the social network.

“His name is André. The man who came to change everything and turned my world into a place of rainbows, colorful sunsets, rain of light and shine, I love you, dear son, God knows how many places I will talk to you about you on your knees, today my beloved André is missing very little to see you my heaven @andrenuestrobebe 💙💗 ”, wrote the actress.