Lupita jones impresses without makeup at 52

On May 17, 29 years were commemorated since Lupita Jones was crowned Miss Universe, in an event that took place in Las Vegas, in which the then-21-year-old Mexican made the world fall in love with her charisma, grace and security. And although today the beautiful exreina already has 52 springs, Lupita showed that her natural beauty is proof of objections without cosmetic aid.

The former Miss Universe shared a video on her Instagram account, in which she looked without a drop of makeup, just as she was preparing to dye her hair, and the exreina completely impressed. The video was part of the series of clips that the Mexican has been making in the midst of the confinement of COVID-19 to keep in touch with her thousands of followers.

“Well what do you think ?! I repainted my hair … I think that compared to the first time, it was much better, I prepared myself with everything necessary so as not to make a mess. After applying the dye and rinsing it, I applied some of the products that @salermmexicooficial gave me … to protect it and make it smooth and manageable, thank you very much !! “, commented the former Miss Universe on her Instagram, accompanying the video where she wore the natural.

In the clip, Lupita is seen, completely free of makeup, and in a white bathrobe, while she gets to work with her role as a stylist to eradicate gray hair, which the exreine likes little or nothing.

“There is no deadline that is not met or a date that is not reached, because the date has come to touch up my tint again, to try to remove these gray hairs, these sprouts of wisdom and ideas that come to mind, well They came again “, commented the former judge of Nuestra Belleza Latina, adding that mostly gray hairs come out on the front and not on the back, so her goal was to dye only the part of the crown.

And while Jones applied the dye, she openly confessed that white hair even affects her emotionally, so she decided to start titrating herself, while everything reopens and she can return to her trusted hairdresser.

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“Like me, there are many women who can get a little depressed when they see us like this, with this amount of gray hair,” said Lupita, after adding that although genetically she is prone to being gray, because that is how her mother, her aunts and was so her grandmother, she tries to remove the silver hair.

“At some point in life they will have to see me like this with a white head, but not yet,” said the former Miss Universe, causing her faithful followers to be delighted with her frankness.

The ex-beauty’s comments were immediate and the networks were immediately taken to praise how good she looks at her 52 years.

VideoVideo related to news from queens -may 26: lupita jones impresses without makeup at 52 years2020-05-26T00: 12: 28-04: 00

“Beautiful, the first Mexican Miss Universe”, “Fabulous !! I love those videos and your particular way of telling it “,” with or without makeup Lupita you are the goddess of Mexico; you look beautiful “,” I love that she is always so beautiful, I admire her very much “and” You very well Lupita, you are beautiful with or without dye! “were some of the comments generated by the publication of today’s queen-maker.

At the end of the video, Lupita took the opportunity to send a message to her fans: “We have to try to give the best face to the situation we are going through.”

The former Miss Universe is a successful businesswoman and proud mother of her son Simon, who is already 21 years old.