AirPods hit the market more than 3 years ago and appeared with virtually unique design and capabilities, something that has made their popularity skyrocket in recent years. The AirPods keep improving their sales quarter by quarter And Apple will continue to increase its range of headphones in the coming months.

However, as with iPhone and other Apple devices, AirPods are a very cost-effective counterfeit device. Especially with the growth of online commerce, many may doubt if the AirPods they have bought, or want to buy, are original or are false. They can be greatly increased, so today we are going to try to help you identify some original Apple AirPods.

How to correctly identify original AirPods

You have to be careful because there are counterfeits that have even copied the chip from the AirPods and The pairing sign appears on our iPhone when opening the case, so this is no longer a reliable way of identifying original AirPods. But the following do not fail, if one does not comply distrust.

Identify the serial number

All Apple devices have a unique serial number that can be verified on Apple’s official support website. That is, on this website we can put the serial number and Apple itself will tell us all the information on that device, from what exact device it is to when it was purchased and the warranty that still remains. This is the first step you should check, not only when buying AirPods, but also when buying an iPhone or iPad.

Check the box

The counterfeits have gone so high that they are able to imitate the device itself very well, however the box is something they do not try so hard on. The AirPods box is completely white, it has the Apple apples on two sides and the word AirPods, or AirPods Pro, on the other two in shiny silver. Also the image of the AirPods that appears at the top is in relief, an important detail that if you do not have to suspect. You can also check the labels, whether they are quality or not suspicious in Chinese or the typical Apple phrases, “Designed by Apple in California”, or serial numbers do not appear.

Check the silkscreen on the case and on the AirPods themselves

The AirPods case is very characteristic And it is not difficult to copy, however there are some important details that will verify that they are original from apple. These are some that you should consider:

On the outside, verify that they use the lightning connector for charging, some fake use it, some don’t.
On the back, under the hinge, check that it appears Designed by Apple in California. Assambled in China “It could also be Vietnam.
Inside the case, at the top you should see more inscriptions such as the “CE” and battery signs and other icons, as well as the serial number, which must match the one on the box.

The headphones themselves also have some important signs that you must know and that they verify that they are original:

The AirPods have various sensors and visible holes for speakers and microphone, 6 total, but this is easy enough to fake.
The lower part usually gives us a clue if they are false, that of the Original AirPods is silver with a hole for the calling microphone, in the false ones it usually has two loading tabs.
In the inner area of ​​the earpiece, you will see various screen-printed icons, and again the serial number, the same as in the box and the case.

The quality of the materials shows, and no lights

The quality of the materials is something that is normally felt when playing fake AirPods, although it is true that without others to compare with it is difficult to determine. However if you see that croar or poor quality plastic notes you are facing a fake.

By the way, If you see flashing lights on the headphones themselves there is no doubt, these are fake AirPods, the originals do not have lights, just a small LED in the case, inside the normal ones and outside those with wireless charging.

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Flee impossible offers

AirPods are not cheap, you won’t find them for 20 euros so avoid this type of offers since 100% are false. If it is new AirPods, it is very rare that they drop below 100 euros except for very specific offers, their official price is 179 euros, although it is easy to find them for 50 or 60 euros less, beyond that it is to be distrusted.

Checking these 5 points you can check if some AirPods are true just by reviewing some aspects. This is especially important if you are buying them second hand, in an online store you should always make sure that they allow you to return the device in case you verify that the AirPods are not original after reviewing these steps.