If we feel that the battery discharge is very fast and we do not even know why it is discharging so fast, it is surely due to one of the apps we use and we do not realize how much they “eat” the charge. Read: Infonavit: they will loan you 125 thousand pesos to improve your house

These applications that at first seem to be very fast but when using the battery charge drops very quickly we must put a stop to them.

Battery consumption per application.

In order to know which applications are the “eaters” of the battery we have to follow some simple steps that will allow us to give more “respite” to our mobile and our battery.

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One factor that tells you “loudly” that the application consumes a lot of cell phone power is that it becomes “hot” since we are forcing the battery to resist more, so this signal should put us on alert and see what app is causing this.

How to check the battery status?

On Android devices it is very easy to know which application consumes the most battery, since this operating system has a record of how much each application consumes and if it finds one that consumes more than 50%, an action is generated to make the mobile resist more.

The steps to check which application consumes more battery in Android are the following:

Go to settings
 Select “battery”
 Select “battery usage” and as you have used the apps you will be presented with the percentage that each used battery since the last full recharge.

On iOS devices the steps to follow are as follows:

Enter configuration
 Select battery
 Scroll down and you can select the last 24 hours or last ten days options.

If the problem does not seem to come from the applications you can check the state of the battery and there it will tell you the percentage of life it has, if it is below 80% you have to change it so you must take a specialized technician.

A trick to make your battery last longer is to use the brightness to the minimum and deactivate the preset options such as automatic brightness, activities of the background applications as well as bluetooth if you are not using it.