China could respond promptly to the US veto on Huawei, through which the Asian company cannot establish commercial deals with North American companies. The words spoken this Tuesday by Eric Xu, chairman of the board of directors of the technology company, anticipate this.

In a press conference on the occasion of the announcement of the annual accounts of the great Chinese firm, the executive expressed his discontent with the current situation, which has led Huawei to have to juggle to maintain its composure in its different lines. of business. One of the most significant derivatives of the veto, for example, is the fact that the firm cannot offer Google services on its smartphones, something that greatly limits its sales in territories where they are dominant in the daily use of users, such as the European.

Thus, according to ., Xu warns that “the Chinese government will not stand idly by watching Huawei be massacred on a cutting board”, and may retaliate against US companies.

With new connectivity models being key technologies that will take center stage throughout this year, it begs a question: “Why shouldn’t the Chinese government ban the use of 5G chips or base stations with 5G chips, smartphones and others smart devices with 5G chips provided by US companies, for cybersecurity reasons? “

Multi-gang warfare

These statements are also framed within new information that came to light in the past few days and that served to reinforce the fact, already suspected in the past, that The United States may be looking to push the imposed restrictions even further. In this way, the same news agency revealed that from the Executive of Donald Trump they would be seeking to prohibit companies such as the chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) from selling their products to Huawei.

TSMC is one of the companies that supply the Chinese company with its proprietary HiSilicon chips, which are found in smartphones such as the recently announced Huawei P40 Pro. Faced with this issue, Xu assures that, if it happens, “Huawei and other Chinese companies can choose to buy chips made by Samsung in Korea, MediaTek in Taiwan, and China” , hinting that it would not be an impediment to continue its long-term operations.

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