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They are at the forefront of the country’s large financial institutions and want to send a message of calm to the shareholders, who this year have seen how the six banks of the IBEX 35 practically lose half of its market value. Some even more. In this scenario, the directors of the big banks have taken advantage to buy … although volatility is playing a trick on these investments.

Since the beginning of the crisis in March, the first swords of Banco Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Bankinter and Banco Sabadell have invested a total of € 7.99 million In titles of these entities, as recorded in the records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), where there is no trace of purchases by Bankia’s managers during the period.

A good part of this investment has generated losses because, despite the rebound after the initial tension in March, many entities return to trading near lows, such as Banco Santander and CaixaBank, or even further drilling their stock market hole, such as Bankia and Sabadell, where the bears have been especially primed with a collapse of 60% and 75% this year, respectively.

The most active, at Bankinter

The directors of Bankinter They have been the most active with direct purchasing operations in the market, without taking into account purchases through derivatives. In total, they have been made with a total of 1.82 million titles with an investment of 6.12 million euros at market prices at the time of the different purchases since mid-March.

Since the year began, Bankinter has lost 48% on the stock market and more than half of that figure has been left since mid-March. Back then, it was trading above the 5 euros per share and today it does it at 3.47 euros. Among the most notable movements are the purchases of Cartival, Jaime Botín’s company, at prices between 3 and 3.37 euros during March, with a total investment of 5.6 million euros.

María Dolores Dancausa, CEO of the bank, has also acquired 75,000 securities of the entity in the period, at 3.99 euros per share, which implies an investment of 299,250 euros. Jacobo Diaz, Chief Financial Officer, carried out up to five operations between March and April, buying 2,511 Bankinter securities at prices ranging from 3.04 to 4.6 euros per share, with a total investment of 9,675 euros.

In addition to other directors, such as Maria Teresa Pulido with 30,108 euros or Fernando José Pons With 53,932 euros, the most recent purchase registered with the CNMV is that of Francisco Martínez García, which in May took 1,289 Bankinter titles in two operations for 4,557 euros.

The game goes great

In May, the movements of BBVA executives also stand out, leaving 48% on the stock market in 2020 and trading on 2.57 euros. Last 12th, Onur Genç, CEO of the bank, acquired 100,000 titles at 2.7 euros, for a total of 270,000 euros. Most recently, the counselor Jaime Caruana It has invested 81,300 euros with the purchase of 30,000 shares of the bank, at 2.71 euros. Between the two, they add an investment of 351,300 euros in the entity.

Movements at Banco Santander are limited to April and March. Between April 29 and 30, the counselor Homaira Akbari bought 15,000 shares of the entity at 2.12 and 2.02 euros, with a total investment at market prices of 30,800 euros.

The former director of Axa Dirk Marzluf, now head of technology at Santander, It has also invested 272,000 euros in the purchase of 100,000 of the entity’s titles, the same with which it has made Rodrigo Echenique, at 2.69 euros for 269,000 euros. Between the three, they add a total investment of 571,800 euros in bank shares commanded by Ana Botín.

CaixaBank It has also had the support of two of its main managers during these months of maximum volatility in the sector. Vice President Tomás Muniesa has purchased, in total and until May 18, 114,000 titles of the entity with a total investment of 199,340 euros. For his part, the CEO Gonzalo Gortázar invested at the beginning of March 209,000 euros to get 100,000 shares of the bank, at 2.09 euros per share compared to 1.55 at which it is currently listed. Between the two they add an investment of more than 400,000 euros.

Half a million in Sabadell

The directors of Sabadell Bank They have also been especially active in recent weeks in the stock market. The most recent operation is that of the chief financial officer, Tomás Varela, It was made with 85,910 shares of the bank at 0.3 euros per share (an investment of 25,773 euros) on May 18, just before the collapse of close to 12% suffered by the entity.

In total, the directors of Sabadell have invested 507,925 euros in recent weeks, highlighting the purchases of the CEO, Jaume Guardiola, from 475,000 securities to 0.48 euros, which implies an investment of 228,000 euros, the same as that made by Marta Serra .